The Cabinet Build



Jeremy slightly modified the plans for me to allow integration of the speaker woofer assy, but basically the plans were followed exactly. He spent a long time using the professional tools available to him and it was worth the time he spent on it. The joints were perfect and he used a CNC machine to make all the holes for the switches and woofer etc.

The Plans incorporated a CD drive to allow the transfer of MP3’s, but as I was using a wireless network this feature was removed, making the design easier.



The main problem encountered was the angles involved on the front sloping panels. I believe 9 and 18 degrees are used. Although we had the relevant tools, Jeremy had to be really careful to ensure a perfect match. Trying to find adequate speakers proved also to be difficult and eventually I settled on Logitech X230’s. They are very reasonable in cost (About £28 from Amazon) and sound fantastic. The only drawback was the fact that we had to mount the Satellite speakers on the top. This wasn’t ideal but I felt it was acceptable and made it easy to alter the volume.



Once built, it was time for me to take home and assemble all the electronics inside the case. The monitor was placed into the cabinet along with the speaker grille and power button and then I switched it on to test. All was fine apart from the left hand buttons, which were binding (The side screws had just nipped the switch’s outer casing’s and this was easily rectified with slightly shorter screws!!).



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