I contacted a local picture frame maker who made me a cardboard insert to frame the monitor for £2.50 and this was placed behind a sheet of perspex, followed by two black strips of black perspex to hold everything in place.

Although all joints were excellent, I ran cherry coloured silicon down all the joints using my finger just to fill in any hairline cracks, and as you can see from below it now looks seamless.





This project has been very enjoyable and the finished product is truly above my initial expectations. I wrote the software and although there are some excellent packages out there which show album art etc, I wanted an easy to use jukebox, which I feel has been achieved (Anybody can pick a song easily with no training - it’s that simple). My jukebox contains 1200 well known songs throughout the decades and there is something for everybody to enjoy. It has been on every night since we built it and the sound is awesome. I must admit that the speakers were slightly too bassy, but this was resolved with me stuffing a paper bag into the woofer intake tube !!

The wireless works fantastically. I have a mapped drive on my laptop pointing to the music folder on the jukebox. All I do is drop songs into this folder and reboot the jukebox. The software then picks up any changes automatically and re-indexes.

The jukebox software is written specifically for Windows so therefore I could use proper screen savers designed for Windows. I decided on the built in photo viewer screen saver of XP and placed my favourite family photos onto it.(Although I have pondered on photos of rock bands etc !!)

I think anyone who is skillful with their hands and has a knowledge of computers can build one of these.

I must say again that the Mameroom designs were fantastic and come highly recommended by me.

Finally I would like to deeply thank Jeremy, who through his skill and patience has produced an excellent cabinet which I am proud to have on my wall. We are now building a second one for him !! Thanks also to Rob, the head of our DT dept, who has turned a blind eye and also stayed behind after work to help. I owe him big time !! 

It’s been up a week now and everybody who plays with it wants one, although I’m not building another !!

I estimate the cost to have been about £250 in materials, which is not too bad. The main costs were the 15” lcd monitor and the buttons !!



Mike Dent, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom.
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