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A simple cabinet made from Pine shelving purchased from B + Q - £25 in total.

Two shelves were used for the side panels and routed for the front panels to slide into. The rest of the wood came from a 3ft x 3ft square piece of pine. This made for a simple and slim looking cabinet.

I made this one for my brother in 2007.



Mr. Green from Rotherham built this cabinet and instead of removing the circuit board from a keyboard actually mounted the keyboard directly behind the push buttons.

The buttons actually push the keyboard inside the cabinet. 

I particularly like the cd’s around the screen which look really well reflecting the light around.



Matt Jones from Australia has done a cracking job of his cabinet conversion.



 Mick Green from Rotherham has built an excellent 2nd small wall mounted unit.

“It took me 3 days to complete and i used a track ball on the side for the controls”

“It Cost me £62 (excluding the speakers and pc which i already had)”




Details on keyboard hacks

Suzo Arcade Buttons - UK Source For HappControls Buttons

MameRoom Designs Jukebox Plans



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