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Moolah is a personal finance tracking app designed for Android devices. You can now enter financial transactions on the fly and get instant access to your finances.

Once your accounts have been entered along with a starting balance it is easy to add repeating transactions such as bills and payments.

All the accounts are stored as simple CSV type files and these can be emailed from within the app and then read using any spreadsheet type application.

The data files are also stored on the sd card in the documents folder making it easy to back up all the data.

I wrote this app for my own personal use and felt that other users may find it of use to themselves. It is supported by adverts provided by Google only.

I would love to hear of improvements you may have for the app and will try my best to add features as and when I finish them.



 Easy Access To Your Accounts.



 Quick Visual Glance To See Your Current Financial Position.



Easy Entry Of Transactions.



 Recurring Transactions And Batch Processing.


 Analyse Where Your Money Has Gone.


This app is free from Googles Play Store for Android devices. This app was written for my own personal use and a paid version may be available soon to remove the adverts.

Thanks for looking.


Click Here Download Moolah From The Play Store


Mike Dent, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom.
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