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I created this app to store a large number of text memo files I have in relation to my job. I didn't want however a program that stored them in a database file or stored them in the cloud (Evernote) so created this app which saves the memos as standard text files (These are saved in the "Documents folder on your device under Notepad".

You can add a note and attach office documents (Word, Excel and PDF files), A photo and also a voice recording if required. These are also copied to the same folder as standard files which can be opened by any program. The office files open in your office app and any changes made will be saved.

All notes are searchable and also it is easy to organize and email notes as required.

When displaying a note they can be locked (Padlock in top left) which will keep the screen on for 20 mins. This makes it ideal for following a recipe.

I thought I would make this available as a free app for anyone else who may want to store notes etc.






This app is free from Googles Play Store for Android devices. This app was written for my own personal use and a paid version may become available to remove adverts.

Thanks for looking.


Click Here Download Notepad From The Play Store


Mike Dent, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, United Kingdom.
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