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Small Business Bespoke Websites

I believe that all small businesses should have a professional looking web presence without the high costs associated. I have worked in the service industry for over 20 years and feel that I excel in providing a professional service for the small business owner.  I try to free the worry from my customers and often find suitable themes , images etc to match the company persona with minimal input from them. 

I feel that it is best to demo my work and generally will take the personal task of building an operational website for my customers to review. Only than after tweaking will I invoice ensuring that both parties are satisfied.

How do I update ?

Updates will be processed via email support or telephone if urgent. I aim to make changes within a 3 day period or within 24 hours if urgent.

Due to the nature of the Internet, there may be occasions when service is disrupted by external factors and beyond my control. Should this happen, I will  negotiate any such issues  with the relevant technical parties to resolve them.

How much does it cost ?

The amount for each website, including  template, design, hosting and 12 Months updates / changes, varies with size and content

Generally £400 for Design and 1st year Hosting then from £250 per Year thereafter for updates & Hosting.
(To give an idea, the examples below range from £250 - £450 / year)

Local School


A local school in Chesterfield who wanted Parents to be able to access letters and to keep up to date with live Twitter feeds. This site includes photo galleries, document listings, embedded Youtube clips, live social network feeds and contact forms.

Mediumship Radio


A client required a site to host a podcast he was working on. This has an embedded audio player allowing visitors to play his latest podcast.

Photography Blog


A website with different image galleries.



A professional plumber and heating engineer.


Mike Dent Programs


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